For over
two decades,

Our professional team has catered to the beauty, aroma and commercial industry; serving fragrances, essential oils and distributing raw materials.

To fulfill the in-depth needs of our client, we provide the finest collection of fragrances and raw materials of high quality from around the globe.

We deliver quality ingredients and provide up to date trends to help you refine your product with excellence.


The Myth is a leading trading service based in Thailand, our mission is to provide top quality ingredients and fine fragrance solutions for our clients.

With more than 2 decades of experience we are committed to providing expert advice on the industries market trends, latest ingredients and up to date information, fulfilling our clients needs with exceptional service, speed and quality.

Brand values


Committed to delivering top quality ingredients with impeccable service experience.


Keep up with the latest trends to provide accurate advices and refined products.


Experts that listen closely to the client’s needs and engage in open communication to impart.


Imparting professional advice through our years of experience.